17-Year-Old Maid Falls to Death From 21st Floor in Heritage Building Hiranandani Powai

On Tuesday, a tragic incident occurred in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai when a 17-year-old maidservant fell to her death from the 21st floor of a building. The police have stated that it appears to be a suicide, however, the girl's family members have disputed this claim, stating that a broom was found near her body and she had been cleaning a window when the accident occurred.

Police reported finding the body near gate number 1 of the Heritage building, Hiranandani Gardens, at 8.20 am. The  Sr Police officer said that the girl had started working just a few days ago with a family that resided on the 21st floor. The reason for the girl's death has not yet been determined, and the police are still investigating the incident.

The girl's family members have said that there was no reason for her to commit suicide. A relative, Vilas Wankhede, stated that the girl was engaged to a boy she liked and was going to marry the next year after she turned 18. Wankhede also said that the girl was good at her work and that her father is a labourer who works on farms in Jalgaon. She also has a four-year-old brother.

Wankhede went on to state that the owners of the flat had asked her to clean the windows, and that the building did not have iron grilles covering the windows. He said that the girl had removed the pigeon nets and was cleaning the windows when she lost her balance and fell. Wankhede has demanded that a case should be registered against the family she worked for. He, along with local leaders like Ravi Bhilane, has met with police officers and requested that action be taken against the family.

The last rites of the deceased were performed in the Parksitearea in Vikhroli, where she lived. This tragic incident highlights the importance of safety measures in buildings and the need for employers to ensure that their employees are safe while carrying out their duties. The police are continuing to investigate the incident and are working to determine the cause of the girl's death.

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