A Legacy That Continues to Thrive: HFSMUN’s Grand Opening Ceremony

It starts with a dream. A dream to reach the pinnacle, a dream to serve humanity, a dream to create impact. The HFS Model United Nations, an ISC and IBDP initiative has burgeoned under the tutelage of this dream. The opening ceremony, an indelible manifestation of the spirit of HFSMUN, was the perfect commemoration of our day.

As India cultivates a tradition of beginning every occasion by imbibing the blessings of the Almighty, our opening ceremony had a divine start with the school choir reciting the prayer. "Sound Mind in Sound Body", our school motto enlightens the inner being of every student, and on this occasion, it was possible with the sentiments aroused by the school song performed by our students. Erika Goel, a child prodigy and an established author at the age of just 8 years, won our hearts with her innocent voice as she recited the poem ‘Humanity’ by Naomi Pahl, followed by a musical rendition of the same.

The Undersecretary-Generals- Nikhil Bhatia and Teesta Anand- boosted the aura of the halls of Meluha with their fervent words, recalling the nerve-racking efforts of the organising committee, and acknowledging the guidance, support, and endeavours of the Head of our School, and the school staff. The Director General of HFSMUN 2022, Meet Modi illuminated the delegates with his stimulating words and reassured them that their one initiative to speak up courageously will create a phenomenal impact.

The Principal and Head of our School, Mrs. Kalyani Patnaik made us all hearken back to the grandeur transition of HFSMUN, which started as a belief in the tender hearts of our students 11 years ago, and now to the sense of accomplishment that it renders. Her remarkable ability to adapt to change has always made her the cool summer breeze that has everyone's back while swiftly handling challenging situations. This was followed by the address of Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, our esteemed Chief Guest and Trustee, who is the soul of every HFS event.

His driving words once again gave us the adrenaline rush one needs before entering this mighty battle. “The amount of money spent on wars is enough to feed every hungry mouth on Earth fifty times a day, with some left to spare.” Words that were enough to spur any resting mind to action.

Her Excellency, Andrea Kuhn, the Consulate General of South Africa in Mumbai gave a moving speech about the spirit of Ubuntu, or humanity as she talked about the common woman’s struggles and empowerment policies in South Africa. Her speech holistically signified the deep connection India has with South Africa. Highlighting the common pathway of Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi towards sovereignty, the speech ended on a spiritual note, as she ignited the curious minds of 300 students in the auditorium.

Friday Adani, our Secretary-General, following the custom of thrilling the Auditorium with mesmerising words, finally hits the gavel to commence the occasion was one-of-a-kind experience.

With a plethora of options for the delegates to choose from, our seven different committees reflected upon colossal aspects ranging from the aftermath of 26/11 and abortion rights to the disputes between Russia and Ukraine. Our agendas prepare future minds to vehemently tackle the crises and shortcomings with innovative solutions, and start caring about the global disturbances. To end it all, as proud as we were of the commencement of our venture, we hold much more pride in witnessing the success it now beholds.

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