A soft skills workshop was organized by the Gopal Sharma Group of Schools

The GHP group held an exclusive workshop on Personality Development for grade 10th students of the Gopal Sharma Group of Schools led by Personality Coach Ms Seema Puri. This session was organised for students of Gopal Sharma International School, Gopal Sharma Memorial School and Powai English High School.

The main objective of this event was to help students better their communication skills, and interpersonal skills, teach them about coordination and cooperation and boost growth in their careers. Ms Sema Puri, a well-known soft skill trainer and etiquette coach, led the workshop. She began her career as one of the founding members of a leading Kidswear brand. She also created the merchandise for several Bollywood films, including Bhootnath.

Many of the students from Pearl Academy and NIFT who participated in training workshops under Ms Seema's direction are also included in her portfolio. She became aware of the necessity and advantages of soft skills and personality development during these training sessions.

Ms Seema offers corporates, governmental agencies, and students training in the areas of soft skills, business etiquette, and 21st-century skills. She has coached professionals and individuals across verticals and locations for the past ten years. She works with numerous companies, including the Delhi Metro Railway Corporation, PVR theatres, Artemis Hospital, T-Series, and many renowned schools across the country.

Ms Puri offered the students many insights on personality development. She stated that a person's personality plays a significant role in his or her life because it affects not only how successful they are in their careers but also how they behave and view the world in general. A person's overall characteristics and appearance, including their thought, feeling, and behaviour patterns as well as their physical attributes and ability to communicate, make up their personality. Many personality traits are thought to be passed down from parents to their offspring. Every person is different from the others and has a distinct personality that sets them apart from the others in every way.

The workshop was well planned with modules on Communication skills, body language, facial expressions, and teamwork Students were amazed to hear that body language travels 10 times faster than words and 93% of communication happens nonverbally. She emphasized the right way of communication and pointed out the common mistakes that students commit during the conversation.

The lively workshop was conducted by Ms Puri who demonstrated several examples of how one can leave a prominent mark in any social setting. The seminar was packed with demonstrations and fun games which the children enjoyed. The fun-filled interactive sessions concluded with some teen-building activities.

This session was the brainchild of Trustee Ms Saudamini Sharma who believes in the adage “Learning soft skills can help students enhance their qualities and become more confident individuals.”

These workshops are essential for students to acquire skills at the juncture of their life.

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