Aamdar Chasak 2023 organized by Uddhav Balasaheb Thakre Party

The MLA Cup 2023, was organized by Sachin Madane, the Head of shakha122, from UddhavBalasaheb Thakre’s Shiv Sena Partyin collaboration with the Mumbai suburban Kabaddi Association. MLA Sunil Raut and MLA Ramesh Korgavkar were also present at the event to guide the participants and boost their morale.

The Event was Concluded on the 14th of February and the matches were played at the Cinema Ground in Powai and saw participation from Kabaddi teams from various areas such as Powai, Vikhroli, Bhandup, Mulund, and almost from all over Mumbai. The tournament was held between February 10 and February 14, and it saw a large turnout of audiences to witness the matches and support their favourite teams.

The matches were played with great enthusiasm, and the players tried their best to win the tournament.

The tournament organisers made all the necessary arrangements to ensure that the players were provided with the best facilities and that the matches were played fairly and unbiasedly. The matches were held in a spirit of sportsmanship, and the players displayed a high level of skill, talent, and dedication.

The tournament was a great success and provided a platform for the players to showcase their skills and talent. The organizers of the event were praised for their efforts in organizing the tournament, and the players were lauded for their excellent performances.

The MLA Cup 2023 was a celebration of the game of Kabaddi, and it brought together people from all walks of life to witness the matches and support the players. The tournament was a great example of how sports can bring people together and promote unity and brotherhood.

In conclusion, the MLA Cup 2023 was a resounding success, and it provided a great opportunity for Kabaddi players to showcase their talent and skills. The tournament was organized with great care and attention to detail, and it was a great example of how sports can bring people together and promote harmony and goodwill. and the following clubs are the winners of the event.

Swarajya Sports Club- Kanjurmarg.

Vande Mataram Sports Club - Malad.

Jolly Sports Club- Jogeshwari.

Sangharsh Sports Club –Goregaon.

Navratna Sports Council-Ghatkopar.

Siddhivinayak Sports Club- Dahisar.

The winners were awarded the trophy and a special gift from Harnek Motors a helmet to every winner group for promoting road safety measures.

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