Asha Mumbai Summer Camp 2023: A Fun-Filled Week of Learning and Activities for Underprivileged Children

Asha Mumbai recently hosted its Annual Summer Camp from April 17th to April 23rd, 2023. The program began every day with Yoga, offering various benefits such as muscle toning, improving concentration, and promoting relaxation.

The summer camp was designed to provide an exciting experience for everyone, with a range of activities planned for each day. The important thing about the camp was the delicious food and drinks. Also, the regional cuisines were prepared to give the taste of India, like Punjabi, Maharashtrian, north Indian, south Indian, Bengali food etc. The drinks were freshly prepared natural drinks like kokum sharbat to Raw mango panah, buttermilk, and cold drink followed by breakfast with keeping health and nutrition in mind., Then Lunch was cooked by a team of students while learning to cook. They made step-by-step preparations to cook and with a great fellowship they cooked for almost 100 people daily, and served the food to all. All the volunteers who appeared for 10 th Board exam participated so interestingly for all seven days. of course, in the end, students enjoyed Yummy icecream sponsored by a well-wisher from Punjabi Association, Mrs Meenaxi.

The first day featured a very interesting session with the expert on Rocks and stones which enthused students to know more about nature and its complexities. followed by a creativity session with art and craft where they learnt about the Art of “Tieand Dye” “Origami," and "Paper Bags".

The second day offered a variety of sessions such as Music and Rhythm, Mehendi Art and sessions on designer Paper Bag Making, an expert showed Exotic toys made of Coconut Leaves,

Day three included activities like Macramé weaving making exotic book Marks, Quilling and Free Play.

The fourth day featured sessions on Origami, table manners, and cooking healthy veg. soup and  Salad, and Rose Cookies from Kerala. An awareness session on eliminating/weeding off blind superstitions by practical demonstration from experts was eye-opening.

The fifth day had exciting sessions on safety tips while making relationships, Soap Making, Chocolate Making, and origami with corrugated paper. etc

Day six had special events conducted by experts in the field of social awareness like Communalism and peace conducted by Prof Dr Ram Puniyani who quoted facts from History to let the students know how various religions were intermingled with each other and were living in Harmony. And whatever wars were fought they were amongst kings of regions to acquire more land and power and not to conquer or defeat other religions. The afternoon session was full of interesting activities like soap making and chocolate making.

Finally, the seventh day brought an exhibition of the products made by the students of ASHA, followed by a vote of thanks. The summer camp aimed to provide a well-rounded experience for all participants. All the teachers and volunteers worked very hard to make this camp a super success.!!

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