Blood Donation Drive Marks a Philanthropic Day at Bunts Sangha’s S.M. Shetty College in Powai

Powai, Mumbai: The NSS Unit of Bunts Sangha’s S.M. Shetty College of Science, Commerce, and Management Studies orchestrated a commendable Blood Donation Drive in collaboration with Tata Memorial Hospital on August 5, 2023. The event, which transpired from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm, aimed to cultivate the ethos of aiding others by engaging individuals in the life-saving act of blood donation.

As the demand for blood continually surges, the necessity for blood donation remains paramount in modern times. This initiative sought to heighten awareness regarding the significance of blood donation, enlightening people about its noble cause. The event also served as a platform to propagate knowledge about Thalassemia, with Mr. Vinay Shetty, Founder of Life Blood Counselling NGO, addressing over 600 students in the college and offering clarifications on various aspects of blood donation.

The inauguration of the Blood Donation Drive witnessed the esteemed presence of management dignitaries from Bunts Sangha Mumbai and Powai Education Committee, infusing volunteers with motivation. NSS Programme Officer Prof. John Menezes hosted the inauguration, graced by chief guests including Dr. Manohar Hegde (Chairman - Medical Sub Committee of PEC), Dr. Satyaprakash Shetty (Chairman Medical & Health Care, Sub Committee – Bunts Sangha Mumbai), Principal Dr. Sridhara Shetty, Dr. Sameeksha Sawant (Medical Health Officer Tata Memorial Hospital), Dr. Sandeep Singh (Chief Operating Officer Administration & Academics), Vice Principal and IQAC Coordinator Dr. Liji Santosh, Vice Principal and BCom Coordinator CS Sandesha Shetty, NSS Programme Officer Dr. Vijay Vishwakarma, Asst. Prof Vinay Shahpurkar, and Asst. Prof Mrs. Dipti Parab.

The event commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, accompanied by the melodious rendition of the NSS Song by volunteers, elevating the event's spirit. Enthusiastic participants including students, parents, teachers, non-teaching staff, housekeeping personnel, security staff, and alumni eagerly came forward to donate blood. Post-donation, the blood donors were treated to refreshments as a gesture of appreciation.

The resounding success of the blood donation camp can be attributed to the diligent efforts of the Organizing Team, comprised of 45 devoted volunteers. These volunteers shared in the satisfaction of giving back to society. Registrations totaled 402, with 271 males and 131 females. Out of these, 157 cases (63 males and 94 females) were deferred due to low hemoglobin count. A remarkable achievement was the collection of 245 blood units, consisting of 208 from males and 37 from females.

This endeavor not only enriched the spirit of volunteerism among participants but also reinforced the college's commitment to contributing positively to society. The day served as a testament to the power of collective effort, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds under the umbrella of selfless service.

In summary, the Blood Donation Drive at Bunts Sangha’s S.M. Shetty College not only witnessed enthusiastic participation but also exemplified the college's dedication to fostering a culture of empathy and assistance. As the campus reverberated with the spirit of altruism, participants departed with hearts brimming with fulfillment, knowing they had played a role in saving lives through their benevolent act.

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