Brave Soldier Vijay Kokre Laid to Rest Amidst Emotional Farewell

Mumbai, July 22, 2023: The nation mourned the sudden demise of a valiant soldier, Vijay Kokare was in AAD (Army Air Defense) posted on the rank of Lance Naik(L/Nk) and was a proud member of the 28AD Regiment. Vijay’s untimely passing left his family, friends, and colleagues in shock and grief.

The brave soldier, stationed in Srinagar, collapsed while on duty at the Army office, and despite immediate medical attention, he was declared brought dead upon arrival at the Army Hospital. Initial reports suggested that the cause of his passing was a heart attack.

On July 20, before commencing his usual duties, Vijay had a heartfelt conversation with his father, expressing concern for the well-being of both his parents. Little did anyone know that it would be their last interaction.

The news of Vijay Kokre's demise spread rapidly, and his mortal remains were flown back to Mumbai, arriving at 7.30 am on a somber Saturday morning. The body was placed at Chaitanya Nagar Bhaji Mandai in Powai, where family members, friends, and fellow schoolmates paid their final respects during a heartfelt darshan ceremony.

The funeral procession of the veteran soldier took place at Lashkar Itamam, where an immense gathering of political leaders joined to bid him farewell. The poignant ceremony was a testament to the indomitable spirit and selfless service rendered by the brave soldier during his time in the armed forces.

The exact cause of Vijay Kokre's sudden collapse remains under investigation, as authorities seek to unravel the circumstances surrounding his tragic passing. His family, friends, and the entire nation mourn the loss of a dedicated soldier who served his country with unwavering loyalty and bravery.

In these challenging times, the nation stands united in supporting the grieving family and honoring the memory of the late soldier. Vijay Kokre will forever be remembered as a true patriot, a loving son, and a cherished friend, whose legacy will continue to inspire generations to come.

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