Brookfield’ Partners with ‘BEST Chalo’, Introduces Electric Buses in Mumbai

To expedite the ‘Green Transition’ Brookfield Properties, a leading global developer and operator of high-quality real estate assets has collaborated with ‘BEST Chalo’ (India’s leading bus technology company), to introduce 100% zero-emission electric luxury buses for its Downtown Powai & Equinox campuses in Mumbai. The new bus service is aimed at connecting Downtown Powai with the local train stations.

This initiative is a significant step in the direction of carbon neutrality, a part of Brookfield Properties' long-term goal to achieve Net Zero by 2040 or sooner and is aimed at reducing its impact on the environment and communities. It will further strengthen the brand’s commitment to its environmental, social and governance principles and offer last mile connectivity via a sustainable and accessible mobility solution to its occupants and commuters in the vicinity.

With a range of exclusive features, these buses are expected to providea healthier ride and a smart alternative to private vehicle use, helping to reduce the environmental impact of transportation. Tickets for these buses can be booked using the ‘BEST Chalo’ app, making it easy and convenient for commuters.

The larger goal is to create a sustainable transportation system that not only reduces the environmental impact but also provides a comfortable and efficient mode of transportation for tenants and commuters.

Brookfield Properties' commitment to sustainability is commendable, and the introduction of the electric bus is a clear indication of its efforts towards creating a better world. With this new addition, the company is not only providing an eco-friendlymode of transportation but also setting up an industry benchmark.

Route Map and Slots- Downtown Powai
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