Chandrabhan Sharma College Students Excel at Khelo India Championships and Triumph in Asian ChessBoxing Championship.

Mumbai: In a remarkable feat of skill and determination, two students from Chandrabhan Sharma College, Aaryan Bhosale and Sahil Srikant Gavde, have emerged victorious in the prestigious Khelo India Championships. These young athletes have not only brought honor to their college but have also showcased their exceptional talent in their respective sports.

Aaryan Bhosale, a resident of Hiranandani, Powai, and originally from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, has been a standout performer. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) from Chandrabhan College of Arts, Commerce, and Science, Aaryan secured the bronze medal in swimming at the national-level Khelo India competitions. These championships, organized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports under the auspices of the Government of Uttar Pradesh in Lucknow, are a testament to Aaryan’s hard work and dedication.

Aaryan’s journey in swimming began at a young age, and his perseverance paid off. With six hours of rigorous training every day, he started his professional training in the fourth grade. Since then, he has consistently showcased his talent and made a name for himself. Prior to the Khelo India event, Aaryan achieved two silver medals in a state championship. His success can be attributed to the unwavering support of his parents, sister, teachers, and coach, Dr. Reddy, a retired sports officer from IIT Bombay.

Expressing his gratitude, Aaryan acknowledged the pivotal role played by his teachers, including Dr. Pratima Singh (Principal of Chandrabhan Sharma College of Arts, Science), Manali Mam (BMM HOD), Pankaj Sir (Physical Education), and Vijay Sir (Physical Education). Aaryan debunked the misconception that athletes are not good students, emphasizing that their focus and discipline make them exceptional scholars. He shared his inspiring journey of overcoming a major back injury four years ago, thanks to the support and motivation from his parents. Aaryan is now preparing for the Olympics and encouraged the younger generation to prioritize sports for a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

Sahil Srikant Gavde, another talented student from Chandrabhan College, has also made his mark in the sports arena. Pursuing a Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS), Sahil achieved a silver medal in the recent Asian Championship held in Kolkata in the unique sport of Chess Boxing.

Hailing from Mumbai, Sahil comes from a family with a rich chess legacy. Inspired by his father and grandfather, who were accomplished chess masters, Sahil developed a keen interest in the game from a young age. Although he was mischievous during his school days and didn’t participate in chess competitions, Sahil realized the importance of physical fitness after a distressing incident during a 100-meter run. Determined to improve, he started hitting the gym and transformed his physique. It was during his first year at Chandrabhan College that Sahil discovered his talent for boxing. Despite an early nose injury during his debut match, Sahil persevered and won several bronze, silver, and gold medals in local college tournaments.

Sahil’s journey faced a setback in March, but with the unwavering support and motivation from his coach, Mr. Vijaykant Pandare, he made a remarkable comeback. Sahil secured the state championship title and earned a spot in the Asian Chess Boxing Championship organized by the Asian Chess Boxing Association in Kolkata. Competing against international professionals from various Asian countries, Sahil clinched the silver medal, showcasing his exceptional skills and determination.

Expressing his gratitude, Sahil thanked his coach and urged the younger generation to never give up on sports. He emphasized the importance of sports as an integral part of life.

Chandrabhan College takes immense pride in the achievements of its students, Aaryan Bhosale and Sahil Srikant Gavde. These two exceptional athletes have exemplified dedication, perseverance, and resilience, inspiring their peers and future generations to pursue their dreams and excel in sports.

Dr. Pratima Singh, Principal of Chandrabhan College, expressed her delight and immense pride in the students’ remarkable achievement. She acknowledged that their exceptional performance has not only brought glory to themselves but has also made the institution proud. Dr. Singh encouraged them to continue striving for excellence and making the country proud. Their talent, dedication, and hard work have already showcased their potential, and she has no doubt that they will continue to shine and contribute significantly to the nation’s success. She extended her heartfelt congratulations to the outstanding students.

As Chandrabhan College continues to foster a supportive and nurturing environment for its students, it aims to produce many more sports champions who will bring glory to the institution and the nation.

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