Come Forth Foundation celebrates Christmas for destitute children to bring happiness to their faces

Christmas as we all know is a season of giving and spreading love and happiness around. But the underprivileged children are often the ones who are deprived of enjoying this festival to the fullest. In the true spirit of Christmas, ComeForth Foundation made an effort to help deprived children experience the festival in full glory. The reason for doing this was to see the happy faces of destitute children.

On the 3rd of December, ComeForth Foundation celebrated this festival along with the children of Chaitanya Nagar, IIT Powai.

Christmas is the Joy of giving. It is a festival of lights and about celebrating the birth of Jesus. It is a festival celebrated towards the end of the year where everyone ends the year by giving their loved ones

something special. Since childhood, children are made to believe a story of how Santa Claus would come at midnight to fulfil their wishes and offer them gifts. As I mentioned, it is a story, but their parents act as Santa Claus and their wishes come true. But this same does not go about in the lives of destitute children. They do not have any Santa Claus who rides on a reindeer to offer them goodies.

The experience of celebrating Christmas was brought alive by making children put up the Christmas tree. They then decorated the Christmas tree together elegantly and beautifully. They hung up little gifts, candies and a huge star on the top of the Christmas tree. All the gifts for children were lined in a circle along the Christmas tree. Each child was also offered a gift hamper that consisted of candies, a Santa cap, a Christmas-themed writing pen and a wristband. Surely not the lights but their happy faces lighted the event gracefully.

Sheril Gaikwad, Founder of ComeForth Foundation believes that letting the destitute children be a part of this festival brings about a sense of belonging. It helps them understand and learn the meaning of teamwork. Nothing is possible without us doing each other's hands. It is only the privileged chunk of society that can work towards and provide Joy to the ones in need. It is not how much you can do but it is always with what intentions you do it. Doing even a little is alright but doing that little is vital. If giving to others makes them happy, then we all can surely be someone's Santa Claus and make them happy.

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