Defying Odds & Igniting Innovation: Ravindra Chopade's Journey from School Dropout to Inventor

Overcoming Adversities, Ravindra Chopade's Inventive Mind Shines Bright

In the bustling city of Mumbai, where dreams and aspirations collide, one man's incredible journey stands out as a testament to the power of perseverance and innovation. Ravindra Ganpat Chopade, a school dropout turned inventor and successful entrepreneur, has defied all odds to revolutionise the world of printing technology. His remarkable achievements have not only earned him a prestigious award from the President of India but have also captured the hearts and imaginations of the Powai community.

Ravindra's latest invention, the wheel printer, propelled him to the forefront of technological innovation, garnering him the well-deserved recognition. However, his path to success was far from easy. Growing up as the son of an IIT Bombay security guard, Ravindra faced numerous challenges that threatened to derail his dreams. A bout of typhoid followed by complications in his legs prevented him from pursuing education beyond the sixth grade. Yet, the spirit of determination burned bright within him.

Electronics became Ravindra's source of fascination from an early age, and his thirst for knowledge led him to enroll in a course on the basics of electrical engineering offered to children by IIT employees. It was during this time that he made his first invention—an ingenious manual film machine. While the IIT certificate provided him with a foundation in electrical engineering, it was his unwavering desire to innovate and develop new products that truly fueled his ambitions.

With dreams of becoming an independent businessman, Ravindra took the leap of faith. His initial venture, a photocopy business near Hostel 10, faced disappointment as there was little demand for such services. However, this setback only strengthened his resolve to identify an untapped market and create a solution. Recognising the need for quick, high-quality printing among IIT students working on their project reports and final papers, Ravindra opened a small print store just outside Y Point Gate. It was a significant step towards his entrepreneurial goals.

However, the path to success was riddled with challenges. Competitors from nearby stationery and print stores sought to undermine Ravindra's efforts by charging exorbitant prices for binding jobs that came into his store. Without a binding machine of his own, he was forced to comply, resulting in financial losses for his fledgling company. Yet, Ravindra's resilience shone through. Undeterred by the setbacks, he persisted in his pursuit of innovation and technological advancement.

Ravindra Chopade interacting with the President of India, Draupadi Murmur & Science & Technology Minister Dr Jitendra Singh

The breakthrough came when Ravindra conceptualised and developed the wheel printer—an invention that would revolutionise the embossing technology. The wheel printer, currently operational at multiple locations, including the Ahmedabad-Mumbai route, has proven to be a time- and labour-saving marvel. This groundbreaking achievement caught the attention of the National Innovation Foundation of India, and Ravindra was honoured with a prestigious award from the President of India herself, Mrs Draupadi Murmu.

Exclusively speaking with Powai News, Ravindra shared his inspiring message to the younger generation. He emphasised the importance of self-belief, perseverance, positive thinking, and resilience. Ravindra urged aspiring innovators never to underestimate themselves and to follow their hearts despite any negative influences. His own journey serves as a testament to these values.

Ravindra attributes his success to his mother, whose unwavering faith and support propelled him forward. With limited English skills and a preference for speaking in Marathi and Hindi, he overcame the language barrier to communicate his story and inspire others. His humility and gratitude shine through as he expresses heartfelt appreciation for those who have supported him along the way.

As Ravindra's journey continues to unfold, his story serves as a beacon of hope for countless individuals facing obstacles in their path. From a school dropout to an inventor and entrepreneur, his relentless pursuit of innovation and unwavering spirit have transformed his life and the lives of others. Ravindra Chopade's remarkable achievements stand as a testament to the transformative power of passion, resilience, and the unyielding human spirit.

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