Deputy registrar of co-operatives successfully conducted an awareness campaign at Chandivali

The Deputy Registrar of Cooperatives (L Ward) has organized an informational program on deemed conveyance for the guidance of housing societies, which is an official event organized by the Cooperative Department of the Maharashtra Government. The chief guests of the event were Mr Pratap Patil (The District Deputy Registrar), Mr Prakash Darekar(President- of the Mumbai District Housing Federation )and the organisers of this event were Mr Tushar Hande (Cooperative Education Officer), Mrs Priyanka (Deputy Registrar Co-operative Societies). The event took place on April 28th, 2023 at  Synchronicity CHS Ltd., Club House Hall hosted by Chandivali Citizens Welfare Association.

Over 20,000 housing societies out of 35,000 in Mumbai have yet to obtain their conveyance deed, despite it being a fundamental right of society. The conveyance deed is the transfer of the ownership rights of land and building in favour of the society, and failure to obtain it means that even though you have purchased an ownership flat, you are not the owner of the land and building. This can lead to issues during redevelopment and the society may lose the chance to take advantage of an increase in FSI by the state government.

The main objective of this campaign was that developer must execute the Conveyance Deed of Land and Buildings in favour of the society within four months of its formation, which has been reduced to three months from the date of the Occupation Certificate in RERA. Failure to give conveyance is an offence, and the landowner/developer can be imprisoned for up to three years or fined or both.

Synchronicity CHS in Mumbai sets an example for other housing societies by obtaining conveyance deeds, and urges others to do the same, Synchronicity CHS in Chandivali, headed by Chairman Mr Mandeep Singh Makkar, recently managed to get the right, title, and interest of land and buildings conveyed in favour of the society. Securing conveyance was the top priority for their managing committee, and they managed to get it done in March 2022, despite the delay caused by COVID-19.

Mr Makkar advised members of other societies that obtaining the conveyance deed should be the most important objective of every cooperative housing society. He suggested that during elections, members should elect only those who promise to get the conveyance deed executed. He further added that it requires a great deal of effort and time, but it's worth it.

In celebration of their achievement, the residents of Synchronicity CHS Ltd. assembled on the podium on March 17th, 2022, and had a party. Mr Makkar has agreed to help other housing societies get their conveyance deed and has provided his email address for assistance.

Powai News congratulates Synchronicity CHS Ltd. for obtaining their conveyance deed and encourages other housing societies to follow suit to secure their legal title in the name of their society.

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