Despicable Deeds of Highly Educated A couple made an IIT Student into a ‘Sex Slave’

In a shocking and disturbing case, a highly educated couple has been accused of turning an IIT student into a 'Sex Slave' through brutal sexual assault, hypnosis, and manipulation. The couple, identified as Shubro Banerjee and Manashree,have been charged under various acts, including the Anti-Narcotics Act, Information and Technology Act, Witchcraft Act, unnatural torture, and attempt to murder.

According to reports, Shubro Banerjee met this 33-year-old PhD IIT student (name withheld) through a Homosexual App, Grindr app’ nearly two years ago. After acquainting themselves, he brutally and sexually assaulted the student and proceeded to brainwash and hypnotize him. Shubro reportedly used various means, including embers, chanting, penance, mantras, and tarot cards, to manipulate and hypnotize the student. He then made the student his sex slave and repeatedly abused him, both in his hostel room and at home.

In addition to these horrific acts, Shubro Banerjee also used to force the student to have tantric sex by burning camphor on HIS hands while chanting mantras. He used hypnosis and tarot cards to render the young man unconscious and subjected him to further sexual abuse. Shubro also tied threads around the student's hands and neck and seized his passport and all of his documents.

The complaint filed against the couple also mentions that Shubro mixed fungi in the student's milk and forged documents, filling out three forms. The victim tried to break-free from Shubro's grasp but was beaten when he refused the relationship. Manashree, Shubro Banerjee's wife, was also involved in the heinous acts. She not only supported her husband in his abuse but also threatened to implicate the youth in a false case at the police station.

The Mumbai police have registered an FIR against the couple on charges of attempt to murder, unnatural sex, and sections of the Black Magic Act based on a complaint lodged by the IIT-Bombay student.

While speaking with the ‘Powai News’ Senior Inspector of Powai Police Station Budhan Sawant said, “On 16th February night our team arrested Shubro Banerjee and further investigation is going on in this matter.

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