Grand Parade Marks Independence Day Celebration

In a spirited display of national pride and unity, the Volunteers of the NSS Unit of Bunts Sangha's S.M. Shetty College of Science, Commerce, and Management Studies, Powai, took part in a grand parade commemorating India's 77th Independence Day. The event, held on the morning of August 15th, 2023, was a powerful testament to the nation's heritage and its unwavering commitment to freedom.

The day began with volunteers assembling at the Rambaugh Police Station, a gathering filled with anticipation and patriotic fervor. With the first light of dawn, precisely at 7:30 am, the flag of India was hoisted by dedicated police officials, marking the official commencement of the ceremony. This solemn moment was followed by a resounding rendition of the National Anthem, a reminder of the sacrifices made by countless patriots in the struggle for independence.

The highlight of the day was the impressive parade led by the valiant police officers, who displayed impeccable discipline and dedication. The volunteers, organized into two columns, marched proudly through the streets of Powai. As they paraded, the local residents joined in the celebration, capturing the moment with admiration and applause.

"This was an incredibly proud moment for all of us," said one volunteer. "Marching through our neighborhood, seeing the support and love from our fellow citizens, it truly reinforced the importance of our freedom."

The parade culminated at the S.M. Shetty College, Powai, where group photos were taken as a memento of the day. However, the message was clear – unity, freedom, and a deep reverence for the nation's heritage.

After the parade, participants were instructed to disperse and return home, their hearts filled with the spirit of independence. The event served as a reminder that independence is not just a historical event but an ongoing commitment to preserving and celebrating the values that make India truly remarkable.

In a time-honored tradition, this Independence Day parade was a resounding success, reaffirming the pride and unity of the nation as it marches confidently into its future.

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