Gyan Mandir Secondary School Celebrates ‘Marathi Bhasha Diwas’ with Enthusiasm and Cultural Activities

The Marathi Marathi Bhasha Diwas was celebrated on 27thFebruary with great enthusiasm at Gyan Mandir Secondary School in Powai, Mumbai on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Marathi poet Kusumagraj. The students from classes 5th to 10th showcased their talents by performing various cultural activities like Labhale Amhas Bhagya Bolato, Garhane, and Geet Gayan, which added to the festive spirit of the occasion. The event was organized to celebrate and promote the use of the Marathi language, the official language of Maharashtra.

The students of the school participated in the Yatra Granth Dindiprocession that was taken out from Savitribai Phule Nagar to Gyanmandir Vidyalaya and Indiranagar. The students made the school premises Marathi with their talents, and the teachers also raised the flag of the Marathi language by presenting Vidamban, Bharud, and Swagat songs. The functionaries of Powai Vidyaniketan Institute, Vice President Gade Sir, Kotia Sir, Association Member Bagayatkar Sir,  Tagare Sir, and special guest- Honorable Kunda Madam and Pratik Limbaji KambleAlumni were present in the said program.

The Marathi Rajbhasha Day celebration also included a book exhibition that was organized to highlight the Marathi identity, featuring books from different Marathi writers and authors. The exhibition aimed to promote Maharashtra's rich literary culture and inspire the students to explore the language further.

The celebration of Marathi Official Language Day at Gyan Mandir Secondary School, Powai, was a resounding success, with students and teachers alike displaying their passion and commitment to the Marathi language and culture. The event highlighted the importance of preserving and promoting regional languages and cultures and inspiring the younger generation to embrace and celebrate their linguistic and cultural heritage. It is hoped that such events will continue to be organized in the future to keep the spirit of Marathi culture alive and thriving in the state of Maharashtra.

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