IIT-Bombay Campus Floods with New Cases; Online Lectures for A Week

IIT-Bombay is streaming new cases with the rising COVID 19 cases in the last week. Several 40 cases were detected in December on the IIT-Bombay campus. Out of 40, 24 are students which were reported in the last 10 days. Eight campus residents, including five students, tested positive on Thursday.

Currently, over 7,000 students are on campus. Post mid-October the institute witnessed a drop in the COVID 19 cases. Therefore the institute was planning to keep hybrid teaching in the new semester which would begin on January 3. But seeing the worsening condition of IIT-Bombay, physical classes will be an issue in the growing COVID cases. The administration has thus decided to conduct online lectures in the coming week.

The institute recently reported a small cluster of cases in hostel 18. "We have asked all faculty members to conduct lectures online at least for a week given the rising cases. A decision will be taken soon for the semester. We will follow the state government’s directive,” said an official.

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