IIT Bombay Campus, Hosts Successful Summer Art Workshop for Mumbai Schools and Jr. Colleges

IIT Bombay campus, once again opened its doors to host a Summer Art Workshop for students from various schools and junior colleges across Mumbai. The workshop, held on the IIT Bombay campus, was organized by Mr. Sourav Chanda, an esteemed Art teacher at the campus school and junior college, with the aim of nurturing creativity and fostering understanding among young minds.

The response to the workshop was overwhelming, with a total enrolment of over 90 enthusiastic participants from all over Mumbai. Students from different classes and schools actively took part in this 15-day program, which proved to be a platform for limitless artistic opportunities.

Guided by Ms. Valsala Kumari, the Principal, along with Ms. Geeta, the Vice Principal, and Ms. Anita, the Primary in charge, the workshop received invaluable support from other teachers, artisans, and freelancers. Their collective efforts ensured the success of the program.

Throughout the workshop, students immersed themselves in a variety of artistic endeavours, including creating Indian art, flowers, animals, birds, cartoon drawings, nature pictures, memory drawings, and designing their artwork. They also learned techniques such as pencil shading, Western art, painting, and block designing. The workshop was brimming with energy and passion.

In addition to traditional art forms, the students had the opportunity to explore the intersection of art and technology. Mr. Sourav Chanda emphasized the significance of digital art and technical freelancing in today's era. He introduced the basics of freelancing, graphic design, and blogging to the students, who showed great enthusiasm and motivation to learn, explore, and grow.

As part of their creative expression, the students painted mural paintings and applied stencil patterns to book surfaces. They also crafted miniature figurines and vibrant art forms, adorning the school premises with their imaginative creations.

The Summer Art Workshop at IIT Bombay served as a melting pot of artistic talent, fostering creativity, and nurturing a love for art among the young participants. The program exemplified the importance of incorporating art into education, providing a holistic learning experience for the students.

The success of this workshop showcases the commitment of IIT Bombay and its faculty to encourage the artistic potential of students beyond the realms of science and technology. The participants left the workshop with newfound skills, inspiration, and a deeper appreciation for the arts, ensuring a brighter and more creative future for Mumbai's young generation.

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