IIT Bombay Campus School celebrates the 73rd National Indian constitution day

India is indeed a Democratic Country and is run by the people and for the people. It houses people of different religions, faiths, and beliefs. The constitution allows people to enjoy their freedom and rights. But with this freedom were also fundamental duties they had to follow. So, the constitution of India was drafted to lay down some rules and regulations that the people had to abide by.

Thus, the constitution of India was adopted on the 26th of November 1949.

To mark this day, The National Indian Constitution day was celebrated on the 26th of November from 07.30 a.m. to 02.30 p.m.It was held on a huge scale to mark the Fundamental rights and duties of an Indian citizen bided by the law. It was chaired by IIT Bombay Campus School and Jr College Powai.

It had a head start with a welcome speech by convener Mr.Jatindra Chavan of the literary society Akshar Manch. This was then carried forward by the Principal Ms.Valsala Kumari  who highlighted the importance of Constitution day and stated that " It's not only a book but also the whole and sole of the nation"

Inter-house quizzes and elocution competitions were held where all four houses - Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow houses took part. It was the Greenhouse that won the consolation prize. Yellow house secured the third position followed by Red House who stood second and finally the Blue house bagged the first prize. The zeal and enthusiasm could proudly be seen on the faces of the students of the Secondary and Jr College section.

Tremendous efforts were taken by the housemasters from the Greenhouse Mr. Ashish Patil, Mr. Amrapli Panchal from Yellow House, Mr. Sourav Chanda from the Red House, and Ms.Trupti Nair along with the other members from the Blue House.

Further Co-convener Mr.Shikerdeep Arora's statement was valuable information about the constitution and its importance. Also, he conducted some of the quizzes with great zeal and effort. Last but not least Vice Principal Ms.Geeta Shewde concluded the event with a vote of thanks with her gracious words of appreciation for the event flourishing successfully and ending on a good note. It was surely a remarkable celebration in the history of Campus School and Junior college of IIT Bombay.

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