Inauguration of the Legal Aide Committee of Sandesh College of Law, Vikhroli

Sandesh College of Law, (Dnyan Prasarak Shikshan Sanstha,Vikhroli) carried out the inauguration ceremony of their Legal Aide Committee. The celebration was carried out honorablyby the students of FY/SY/TY LL, who were backed by the Legal Faculty and Principal Madam Jyoti Malhotra of the Sandesh College of Law.

The Legal Aide Committee aims to champion the cause of Legal Aide as a whole. Legal aid is help given to those who would not otherwise be able to afford legal counsel or access the justice system. Legal aid is viewed as essential to maintaining equality before the law, the right to counsel, and the right to a fair trial, which all contribute to assuring access to justice.

The committee also enhances the roles of the Law aspirants. They have been waiting for this opportunity to give back to society for the knowledge and professionalism they have received. Due to the initiative of the Law Faculty and the Principal, the Sandesh College of Law's Legal Aid Committee was able to secure this opportunity.

The inauguration ceremony included a quick inaugural training. A brief presentation on the formation of the Legal Aid Committee and the procedures for legal aid services was given by the assistant professor of the KG College of Law, students from the same college, and Adv Prof. Rushikesh Sir.

This was followed by the Awareness March. Under the direction of the law faculty, all of the Sandesh College of Law students voluntarily organized a legal awareness march around the college's neighbourhood. Pamphlets about the Sandesh College of Law's Legal Aid Committee were distributed to the local public in the area of the college, and students briefly spoke with the public about legal aid, raising awareness about the process.

Finally, the inauguration ceremony was religiously carried out. It was headed and done by the ceremony’s honorableChief Guest, Upandra Sawant. This was proceeded by the ​Chief Guest’s inaugural speech, which proved to be of great inspiration and motivation to the students of the Legal Aide Committee, and the college students.

The start of the Legal Aide Committee of Sandesh College of Law (Dnyan Prasarak Shikshan Sanstha, Vikhroli) has truly been another gem added to the crown of the college’s achievements and initiatives.

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