Is this a Powai selfie point?

Considering the touristy importance of Powai Lake, a "My India" Selfie Point has been constructed here with MLA funds. It has been built with the funds released by Congress MLA Arif (Naseem) Khan.

This selfie point was inaugurated on September 1, 2019, for people to take photos in a safe and beautiful place with the natural beauty surrounding it.

Powai selfie point was inaugurated by Naseem Khan (Ex-MLA)

Spread over an area of 220 hectares, Powai Lake is popular among tourists and has been an ideal spot for Mumbaikars who rush to touristy locations, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. Due to the beautification of this area in the last few years, many Mumbaikars and tourists visit the lake to take pictures.

The bask of crocodiles who reside in the lake is large which is why Congress MLA Naseem Khan came up with the idea of creating a selfie point here given the danger to the lives of tourists trying to take selfies near the shore of the lake.

"Is this Powai selfie point?," said Mr. Pradeep Varma, a social activist for Powai News while lamenting the carelessness of the BMC. She further stated that the selfie point is missing.

"Government also did not care about the place and MLAs were also not able to take initiative to rebuild this locality again. The attraction of the lake is ruined and people are not interested in visiting the place. It has become a location without an aesthetic spot. If it is not taken care of by the local administration, as soon as possible, then it will stray away from its popularity as a tourist place," added Varma.

Despite the difficulties, there's still some hope among people that Powai Selfie point will enchant and fascinate people with its beauty and get the coveted title of a tourist spot yet again.

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