Kanjurmarg-Bhandup Rickshaw-Owners Sena appoints Suvarna Karanje as a first woman president

By Avinash Hazare

In a significant move towards gender equality, the Kanjoor-Bhandup (East) Rickshaw Driver-Malkar Sena has appointed a woman, Suvarna Karanje, as its president for the first time. This decision was taken by party chief Uddhav Thackerayto address the issues faced by rickshaw pullers-owners in the area.

This appointment has been welcomed by rickshaw pullers who believe that it is a positive step towards resolving their problems. Suvarna Karanje, a former corporator, met with party chief Uddhav Thackeray and a group of rickshaw pullers to seek his blessings and support after her appointment.

While speaking with Powai News Suvarna Karanje expressed her gratitude to the party chief, "I am extremely thankful to our party chief for the trust he has shown in me and the privilege of becoming the first woman president of the Rickshaw-Owners Sena in the whole of Mumbai. I promise to fulfil this responsibility given to me with utmost dedication."

Suvarna Karanje's appointment as the first woman president of the Rickshaw-Owners Sena has received widespread appreciation and congratulations. Her selection has been seen as a positive step towards empowering women in traditionally male-dominated fields and creating more opportunities for them to hold leadership positions.

This decision by Uddhav Thackeray highlights his commitment to gender equality and inclusivity. Suvarna Karanje's appointment is expected to help bring new perspectives and ideas to the Rickshaw-Owners Sena, which will benefit the rickshaw pullers-owners in the Kanjoor-Bhandup area.

Suvarna Karanje's appointment as the first woman president of the Kanjoor-Bhandup (East) Rickshaw Driver-Malkar Sena is a significant milestone towards gender equality in leadership roles. Her commitment to fulfilling her responsibilities with utmost dedication is commendable, and it is hoped that this appointment will inspire more women to take up leadership positions in various fields.

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