Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee President Stands Up for Victims of Mahakali's 2000 Crore Scam"

In a remarkable show of support, Mr. Nana Patole, Maharashtra Congress President and a prominent public figure, has taken a bold step by raising the issue of the shocking 2000 crore bank scam during a session in the Maharashtra Vidhansabha. The scam involves the Shri Mahakali Co-op Credit Society Limited and the Mahakali Group of Companies, both accused of orchestrating a massive fraud that has left over 300 individuals grappling with financial losses.

Mr. Patole, recognized for his advocacy and dedication to public welfare, brought this grave matter to the forefront, addressing the citizens' concerns and the distress caused by the fraudulent activities of the Mahakali entities. The Congress District President's call for accountability and justice resonated strongly with those affected, as he emphasized the need for stringent action against the key players responsible for the scam.

During a recent interaction with the authorities, including Mr. Datta Nalawade, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of Zone 10, Mr. Patole shed light on the extensive fraud committed by the Mahakali entities. Backed by evidence and the collective voice of the victims, he urged prompt action and investigation into the matter. The DCP, recognizing the gravity of the situation, swiftly engaged the Economic Offense Wing (EOW) and reached out to other law enforcement agencies, marking a significant step towards addressing the issue.

The victims of the scam, who have suffered substantial financial setbacks, have rallied together with renewed hope after Mr. Patole's intervention. The Maharashtra Congress President's determination to ensure justice for those who fell prey to the fraudulent scheme has united the affected individuals, instilling in them a belief that their hard-earned money will not be lost in vain.

As the case unfolds, it becomes evident that Mr. Patole's steadfast commitment to public welfare extends beyond political boundaries. His efforts have provided a platform for the victims to seek retribution and for the authorities to take necessary action against the individuals responsible for the scam. The demand for justice grows louder with each passing day, and the citizens affected by this scam remain optimistic about the potential resolution that Mr. Patole's intervention might bring.

Mr. Nana Patole Raised this issue in Vidhansabha and Appealed to the speaker to look into this matter and provide resolution as soon as possible.

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