Maple Education: Empowering Students with Quality Education for a Promising Future

Maple Education, a renowned educational institution founded by the accomplished faculty member Krishna Yadav, is making waves in the field of education. With a background in Accountancy and a passion for teaching, Krishna Yadav, with his Niece Khushboo Yadav established Maple Education to provide exceptional academic support to students.

The journey of Maple Education began in 2016 when it first started its operations in Nallasopara with the support of Khushboo Yadav. However, the classes had to be temporarily closed after a year due to geographical constraints. Undeterred by this setback, Krishna Yadav showed remarkable resilience and reestablished Maple Education in Sion Koliwada in 2017, where it continues to thrive. In 2018, Krishna Yadav's expertise led him to manage an educational institution in the IIT Market, Powai. Although his management position was discontinued after a year, Krishna Yadav remained undaunted and initiated another venture. However, the unforeseen challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic made survival difficult, forcing Krishna Yadav to make personal sacrifices, including relocating from a rental room to a classroom, to overcome financial adversity.

Despite the challenges faced during the pandemic, Maple Education has achieved remarkable academic outcomes. Students at Maple Education have achieved the highest scores of 88% in both the CBSE 12th and 10th board examinations. Krishna Yadav's expertise in teaching Accountancy has yielded outstanding results, with one student from the Maharashtra Board achieving an exceptional score of 99/100. The institution is committed to uplifting society through education and recognizes students' immense challenges during these trying times. Employing an engaging pedagogical approach, Maple Education adapts to the evolving landscape of education, acknowledging the allure of shortcuts while emphasizing the importance of diligent effort in achieving true success.

Situated in the esteemed IIT Market in Powai, Maple Education boasts a team of 25 highly qualified staff members dedicated to fostering student growth. The institution provides a conducive learning environment with three air-conditioned classrooms and an office space. Understanding the importance of empathizing with student concerns, Maple Education has a dynamic team of young professionals who can address their needs with empathy and understanding. The institution employs unique teaching techniques that captivate students and ensure their active participation in the learning process. Maple Education's robust management oversees monthly examination series and Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) while providing monthly progress reports to parents. The institution caters to students from 5th to 12th standard, specializing in the CBSE curriculum while also accommodating the Maharashtra Board.

Also, Powai's Maple Education students have showcased their commendable academic achievements. Purva Hande, a 12th-grade student from KV Bhandup, CBSE Commerce stream, secured an overall score of 74%, with her highest mark being 91 in English. Joining her is Liya George, also from KV Bhandup, who scored 72.4%, excelling in English with 88 out of 100 marks. Disha Talpe from KV IIT Bombay attained a score of 73.2%, with her highest mark of 85 in Business Studies. Moreover, Mahima Maurya, daughter of Rambilash Maurya, a security guard at IIT, scored an impressive 77%, excelling in Economics with 86 marks. Adarsh Jabade, son of Amrut Jabade, a casual laborer, achieved a remarkable 88% overall, with his highest mark of 89 in Economics. In addition, 10th-grade students Aditi Salve from KV IIT Bombay and Aakanksha Maurya from KV Bhandup scored 88% and 78.2%, respectively. Akanksha excelled in English with 85 marks. These students, hailing from diverse backgrounds and belonging to the middle-class stratum, have demonstrated their dedication and perseverance in their academic pursuits, setting an inspiring example for their peers. Maple Education, located in the heart of Powai, continues to nurture and shape the future leaders of tomorrow.

Beyond education, Krishna Yadav is also a talented actor with an impressive portfolio of approximately 14 short films. One of his films, "Love Range," is currently streaming on MX Player and was produced under Maple Tree Production, an affiliated venture.

Maple Education, under the visionary leadership of Krishna Yadav and his team of dedicated and brilliant teachers with a mindset to give back to society, stands as an esteemed educational institution dedicated to providing quality education in the post-pandemic era. With a passion for teaching and a commitment to student success, Maple Education embodies excellence and innovation, ensuring its students a bright and promising future.

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