Mindful Eating for Health and Happiness- FDP by Manju Sharma, Nutritionist at CSC college

Mindful eating is being attentive and using all of our physical and emotional senses to experience and enjoy the food choices we make to develop better physical and mental health. In the effort towards the journey of the well-being of teachers, IQAC of Chandrabhan Sharma College organized an FDP  on the topic “ Mindful Eating for Health and Happiness” on 7th February’2023. The Resource Person of the FDP was  Manju Sharma, a well-known Clinical Nutrition Consultant. She is also a Trustee of the GHP group of educational institutions.

During her enthralling FDP session, Manju Sharma elucidated Nutrition, components of healthy food, different body types and the suitability of food. She emphasized that stress has to be avoided as it impacts different hormones and leads to various diseases. Stress leads to overeating or sometimes starving oneself hence she focused on managing stress effectively along with a healthy diet. She advised faculties to eat mindfully as per their work schedule and also shared the Dos and Don’ts of a healthy diet. She addressed how different health issues like Fatty liver can be reversed and other diseases like Diabetes, High BP, IBS and Gut health can be improved by following the advised diet.

At the end of the session faculties freely interacted with her on questions and answer round. The main Motive of the FDP was to create awareness among faculties for a healthy lifestyle through mindful eating and avoiding health complications.  50 faculties from Chandrabhan Sharma College participated in this FDP wholeheartedly and went back with a better understanding of healthy eating.

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