MLA Ramesh Korgaonkar raised his voice in the Assembly for the comprehensive development of the Bhandup suburb

By Avinash Hazare

MLA Ramesh Korgaonkar has expressed the opinion that since the number of people living in hilly areas in the Bhandup West area is large and there is a dense population, there are difficulties in creating infrastructure, so a comprehensive strategy should be drawn up for the development of this area.
He has demanded to fulfil the various issues of Bhandup Suburb by placing them on the table of the Legislative Assembly.
Currently, the winter session of the state is going on in Nagpur, in this session, the ruling party and the opposition are accusing each other, and they are not ready to talk much about the basic issue of the people's questions and problems.  Similarly, MLA Ramesh Korgaonkar drew the attention of the House by raising his voice in the Legislative Assembly about the problems and issues of his constituency Bhandup Paschim.
In these questions Session, the issues of infrastructure, Health system, Hospitals, Repair of the police station and law and order here were put at the centre and demanded strongly for its fulfilment.

Speed ​​up the work of Bhandup Superspeciality Hospital

Bhandup Superspeciality Hospital was stuck in red tape for many years and got approval a year ago.  Despite getting all the government permissions related to the hospital and completing the tender process, the work has not started yet.  For the health of citizens, this work should be started as soon as possible and the work should be speeded up.

Renovation of Bhandup Police Station

The building of Bhandup Police Station in Bhandup West is now old and dilapidated and this 5 storied building has been in the same condition for many years.  As the building has become dilapidated over time, it needs to be renovated.  Therefore, the building of this police station should be renovated on behalf of PWD.

Due to the development plan, the facilities in Bhandup Ramabai Nagar are disturbed

As Ramabai Nagar 1 and 2 in Bhandup West are in a hilly area, there is a huge lack of facilities, and while earlier the development of this area was facilitated under the Special Development Zone, the reservation of EP 129-S/45 in the recently announced development plan has created difficulties in new development works.  are happening  It has become impossible to build SRA, parks, and school colleges here, and if this area is to be developed, EP 129-S/45, which is oppressive and hinders the development of the area, should be removed and the way for development should be cleared.

Set up a dialysis centre on a plot reserved for a hospital in Konkan Nagar

An open plot of land belonging to the municipality in the Khadimachine area of ​​Kokan Nagar, Bhandup West, is reserved for a hospital.  MLA Ramesh Korgaonkar demanded in the assembly that a dialysis centre should be started at the hospital equipped with all facilities on this plot.

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