MLA Ramesh Korgaonkar urges the establishment of free dialysis centers for poor patients in Mumbai

By Avinash Hazare

During the ongoing budget session of Maharashtra, MLA Ramesh Korgaonkar raised a crucial issue concerning the health of Mumbai's residents, particularly the increasing number of kidney patients. He emphasized the urgent need to set up special centers for dialysis in 3-4 locations in Mumbai, which would provide free dialysis to patients who cannot afford it in hospitals. Korgaonkar's demand comes as a response to the large number of kidney patients who require dialysis, but often cannot access it due to the high cost.

Dialysis can only be performed twice a day on one machine, and it takes approximately four to five hours to complete the process for one patient. With the increasing number of patients, there is a pressing need to establish more centers that can accommodate their needs.

As a result, Korgaonkar proposed that free dialysis centers be established for poor patients who cannot afford private hospitals, and who have to wait for long periods in government hospitals to receive dialysis. By doing so, he believes that the government can help ease the burden on patients and make healthcare more accessible to those in need.

Despite the ongoing political tensions between the ruling party and the opposition, Korgaonkar's demand serves as a reminder that it is essential to focus on the basic issues that affect the people's daily lives, such as healthcare. With the establishment of special centers for dialysis, patients can receive the necessary treatment they require without worrying about the financial burden it may pose.

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