National Singing Competition Organized by Bharat Vikas Parishad

Bharat Vikas Parishad Chandivali branch organised the National Group Anthem singing competition at Prime Academy school in Marol on August 7, Sunday to inculcate ideals of patriotism in children through songs.   25 schools in Powai participated in this competition enthusiastically.

Owing to India's reputation of hosting several cultures, religions, and languages while being fairly united and in harmony, Bharat Vikas Parishad took the initiative to organise the programme for the students to relish the history of songs and culture of India.

The programme started at 9 AM with the Indian national song "Vande Mataram'' being played followed by the chief guests, National Organization Minister Mr Suresh Jain and the Women Empowerment head of the branch, P. Padwal lighting the lamp. Regional Secretary, Women and Child Development, Mrs Deepti Choudhary, President from Konkan Province Mr Mahesh Sharma, Mr Srimant Pradhan, Mrs Priya Pansari, Mr Dheeraj Sonar, and Mulund Branch President Mr R. C. Jain and Mr Vinod Morwal Ji from Mumbai province were also present.

At the branch level, the winner was decided by A. M.Naik school, but at the provincial level, the selection was made by the S. M. Shetty school, in which the school with the highest number of marks in both Hindi and Sanskrit is selected. In organizing the programme smoothly, the branch president, secretary and treasurer along with all the members gave full cooperation to make it a success.

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