Nationalist Congress Party Organizes Successful Free Health Camp in Celebration of Supriya Sule's Birthday

The Nationalist Congress Party (Vikhroli Taluka, Ward No. 122), in collaboration with the Rotary Club and L&T, organized a free health camp to celebrate the birthday of esteemed Parliamentarian MP, Mrs. Supriya Sule. The event took place at the cinema ground of IIT Main gate Powai on Saturday, July 1, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

The camp received an overwhelming response from the local community, with citizens of the ward actively participating in the health camp. The Nationalist Congress party provided a range of health-related tests free of cost, along with distributing medicines for various ailments at no charge. Additionally, free eye examinations were conducted, and prescription glasses were given to those in need.

The chief guest of the event, Mr. Chandan Sharma ex corporator of Ward No. 122, and the newly elected president of the Rotary Club, Mrs. Kamalini Pathak, were felicitated for their esteemed presence. The successful execution of the medical camp was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Rotary Club, L&T, and its President, Mrs. Kamalini Pathak. Mrs. Pathak, known for her unwavering support to the underprivileged, played a vital role in organizing the camp.

The event witnessed numerous free health checkups and the distribution of essential medications, benefiting numerous individuals from the community. Eye examinations were also conducted, and free prescription glasses were provided to enhance vision for those in need. The Rotary Club and its members, as well as L&T, played a significant role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the camp.

While speaking with Powai News Kailash Kusher stated that "We express our heartfelt gratitude to the members of the Rotary Club and L&T for their valuable cooperation and support."  

Mr. Kailash Kusher, Youth Leader of NCP, and in association with the Rotary Club and L&T, remains committed to organizing such initiatives that promote the well-being of the citizens. By providing free healthcare services and medications, the camp aimed to alleviate the burden of medical expenses for the less fortunate.

The birthday celebration of Mrs. Supriya Sule served as a reminder of the importance of community engagement and the need to support those in need. The Nationalist Congress hopes to continue its endeavors in fostering a healthier and more prosperous society through similar events in the future.

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