Newly Constructed Aai Gawdevi Entrance Gate Inaugurated by Shiv Sena MLA Sunil Raut

The Aai Gawdevientrance gate at IITMain Gate, Powai Thirandaj Village has undergone new construction with the MLA fund of Shiv Sena MLA Sunil Raut. The inauguration ceremony for this work was held on May 9th, 2023. The event was graced by the presence of several dignitaries including sub-division chief Dharmanath Pant, sub-division convenor Snehal Mande, assembly convenor Nilesh Salunkhe, branch chief Sachin Madane, and branch convenor Sushma Ambre.

The construction of the Aai Gawdevi entrance gate was made possible due to the generous contribution of MLA Sunil Raut's fund. This new structure serves as a welcoming entrance to the village and will undoubtedly be appreciated by its residents.

The inauguration ceremony held on May 9th was a momentous occasion as it marked the official opening of the AaiGawdevientrance.

The Aai Gawdevi entrance is an essential part of the village's infrastructure. This new construction will provide a more aesthetically pleasing entrance that will also help ensure the safety and security of the residents. The contribution of MLA Sunil Raut's fund towards this project has been instrumental, and the villagers are immensely grateful for his support.

The new structure stands as a symbol of progress and development for the village and will undoubtedly benefit the residents in numerous ways.

While speaking with Planet Powai Sachin Madane stated that Aai Gav Devi Place is a highly renowned, historical, and one of the oldest locations in Powai. The people residing in this area are the natives and original inhabitants of this place. The renovation and completion of this gate by the local MLA, Mr. Sunil Raut, was a significant moment for the people of Aai Gav Devi and Powai. The residents of Aai Gav Devi expressed their gratitude for this act.

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