Playing Holi with the Lord Himself- PhulonKi Holi and Gaura Purnima Celebrations in Hiranandani Gardens

A full moon blossomed in the night sky like a jasmine bud, as about 2000 residents of Hiranandani Gardens gathered at Hiranandani Lawns to celebrate "Phulonki Holi" and "Gaura Purnima", the auspicious appearance day of  Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, an incarnation of Lord Krishna. The event was organised by the Hare Krishna Movement-Mumbai.

The program commenced with the recitation of invocation prayers. As the venue, which was beautifully decorated with fairy lights and flowers, teemed with enthusiastic attendees, the satin curtains onstage parted, revealing the most magnificent forms of Sri Sri Nitai Gauranga. Splendidly decked in pearl-white brocades of silk & gold, the beauty of the effluent forms of Their Lordships seemed to enchant everyone present.

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (Gauranga) appeared in West Bengal, 500 years ago. The scriptures proclaim Him to be Lord Krishna Himself, while Sri Nityananda (Nitai) is said to be an avatar of Lord Balaram. Looking at the cataclysmic condition of this world, They appeared on this planet to spread the message of the Lord to all of humanity.

After taking darshans of the beautiful deities, various pastimes of the Lord were narrated, which were relished by all. Next, a quiz was conducted ( KBC Style!) on the life and activities of Mahaprabhu, where the enthused participants from the audience won exciting prizes. A special talk was delivered by His Grace Amitasanaprabhu, President of the Hare Krishna Movement in Mumbai and Jaipur.

Grand 'abhishekam' of Their Lordships was performed, where the deities were bathed with 'panchamrita' (milk, curd, honey, ghee and jaggery water) as well as varieties of fruit juices. Every drop of this nectarean offering was collected and distributed to all as 'charanamrita'.

Bewitched by the moonlike-face of Gaurachandra and Nitaichand, the attendees witnessed with awe and reverence, as torrents of nectar cascaded down Their aureate bodies.  Such an event had never been before witnessed by the populace of Hiranandani! Magnificent 'aarti' was performed next, accompanied by ecstatic 'kirtan' (congregational chanting of the Holy Names of the Lord).

And then occurred the most awaited event; never before had Powai witnessed anything like this! This was the 'PalakiUtsav', a festival where Their Lordships are seated on a resplendent palanquin and paraded all across the venue, as thousands of people eagerly flock, showering Them with flowers. Thus, everyone played 'Phulonki Holi' with none other than the Lord Himself! Clamours of 'Hare-Krishna-Hare-Krishna-Krishna-Krishna-Hare-Hare-Hare-Rama-Hare-Rama-Rama-Rama-Hare-Hare' shook the ground, leaving the atmosphere suffused with spiritual ecstasy. As the kartals (cymbals) and mridangas (drums) resounded, the crowd danced euphorically, unable to contain themselves!

After an evening of delightful festivities, a lavish feast entailed, leaving all vastly gladdened and satiated. 56 varieties of delicacies had been offered to Their Lordships, which were later distributed to all.

And thus concluded an evening most delightful, saturated with immense spiritual bliss. The residents of Hiranandani were overjoyed and thanked HKM-Mumbai for conducting such a positive and vibrant celebration in Powai.

Chief guests who attended the program were: Dilip Lande (MLA Chandivali Constituency), Deepak Kumar Meena(IAS, Additional Tribal Commissioner: Thane), Dr. Indurani Jakhar(IAS, Managing Director, State Women's Development Corporation of Government of Maharashtra), Manuj Jindal(IAS, Chief Executive Officer Zilla Parishad: Thane),  Uday Jadhav (IAS, Secretary MH State Child Rights Commission), Dr. Mohit Garg( IPS DCP Crime Mumbai Police),  Bharatkumar Suryawanshi(ACP Sakinaka Division), Rajaram Vanmane (ACP Mantralaya).

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