Police Constable Attacked with Knife While Apprehending Alleged Restaurant Break-in Suspect in Mumbai's Powai Area

A police constable was attacked with a knife in Mumbai's Powai area while trying to apprehend a man who was allegedly attempting to break into a restaurant. The incident occurred in the early hours of Wednesday. According to the police, Ravindra Jadhav, a traffic cop on night patrol, caught the suspect, Subrato Das, in the act of breaking into the establishment. However, Das managed to escape from Jadhav's grasp and fled the scene.

Another constable, who was also present at the location, chased Das for around 400 meters before he entered an under-construction site near the L&T gate. Constable Prashant Dhurithen caught up with Das and attempted to detain him, but the latter produced a knife and attacked Dhuri on his chest, causing a laceration. Other police officers on duty were alerted and arrived at the spot, subsequently taking Das into custody. Dhuri was then taken to a hospital for treatment and received five sutures for his wound. He has been praised for his bravery and rewarded accordingly.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Maheshwar Reddy has revealed that Das has a criminal record. The police have registered a case against him for attempted murder and breaking, and further investigations are underway. It is concerning that such incidents continue to occur in our society. We must prioritize the safety of our law enforcement officials and ensure that they have the necessary resources to perform their duties effectively. We must also address the root causes of criminal behavior to prevent such incidents from occurring in the first place.

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