Powai Artist, Chetan Raut Creates Stunning Mosaic Artwork to Celebrate ‘Jan Aushadhi Diwas’

Government of India to create a unique artwork to celebrate JanAushadhi Diwas. The event was celebrated across the country from the 1st to the 7th of March 2023, marking the fifth anniversary of JanAushadhi Diwas. As part of the celebrations, the government had special plans to spread awareness about the importance and benefits of Jan Aushadhi among the people of our country.

Chetan Raut, from Maharashtra state, was chosen by the government to create a mosaic artwork portraying the auspicious day. The artwork was created with the help of 50,000 diyas of eight different colours in Chittaranjan Chandrabhan Sharma Udhyan Powai. The large art depicted the logo of the Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi Yojana and a message stating that the Jan Aushadhi scheme is effective and cheaper for the people. The artwork also featured a portrait of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which was a challenging task, as it required the whole face of the prime minister to be accommodated within the frame.

While speaking with ‘Powai News’, Chetan Raut revealed that, “The biggest challenge while creating the artwork was to accommodate the logo in a small space with pixels. It was a new challenge for me because I usually create mosaic artwork of famous people, and in this case, I had to create a logo and lettering. Despite the challenges, me and my team completed the 30 x 45 feet artwork in just two days, working tirelessly for 24 hours each day.”

Chetan Raut also highlighted the natural challenges they faced during the creation of the artwork, as the weather in Mumbai was not favourable during the past few days. However, they were able to overcome these challenges and create an awe-inspiring artwork that spreads awareness about the benefits of the Jan Aushadhi scheme.

The Jan Aushadhi scheme was launched in 2015 by the Government of India to make quality generic medicines available to the general public at affordable prices. Since its inception, the scheme has helped millions of people in India access cheaper and more effective medicines, especially those from economically weaker sections of society.

The artwork created by Chetan Raut has received widespread appreciation and is expected to inspire more people to use the JanAushadhi scheme. The Central Government's decision to celebrate JanAushadhi Diwas with such unique artwork is a testament to their commitment to spreading awareness about the benefits of the scheme and making quality medicines affordable for all.

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