Vivek Kothari Shines with Outstanding Results in ICSE 10th Board Exams

Powai, Mumbai - In a remarkable display of academic prowess, Vivek Kothari, a talented student from Hiranandani Foundation School in Powai, has achieved an exceptional score of 97.2% percent in his ICSE 10th board exams. Vivek's outstanding performance has filled his parents with immense pride and garnered appreciation from his dedicated teachers who supported him throughout his journey.

With his unwavering dedication and commitment, Vivek has demonstrated his exemplary potential and determination to succeed. Upon learning about his phenomenal achievement, Vivek expressed his exhilaration and shared his initial reaction to the life-changing news. Overwhelmed with joy, he described the moment as surreal, and a sense of accomplishment washed over him, validating the hard work and effort he had invested in his studies.

Acknowledging the support he received, Vivek attributed his success to his family and the exceptional educators who guided him along the way. Special thanks were extended to his parents, whose constant encouragement and belief in his abilities fueled his motivation. Additionally, he expressed his gratitude to his teachers, including Bhavika Mam – English, Rachna Mam- Maths, Sarita Mam – Hindi, Meera Mam – Geography, Nirupama Mam - History, and he also expressed his gratitude towards his Tutions teachers -Vaishali Mam for History, Geography, and Biology; Reddy Sir for Chemistry; Vijay Sir for Physics; George Sir for Computer; and Pandey Mam for Mathematics, whose guidance was instrumental in his achievement.

During the lead-up to the board exams, Vivek faced moments of stress and pressure. However, he effectively managed his anxiety by adopting a structured approach and maintaining a healthy balance between studies and leisure. Recognizing the significance of time management, Vivek shared how he meticulously organized his schedule, gradually increasing his study hours as the exams approached. His discipline and consistency proved to be crucial elements in his success.

Looking forward, Vivek's impressive performance opens up a world of opportunities for him. While he expressed his inclination toward pursuing a career in the field of commerce, he emphasized that further contemplation was needed to make an informed decision about his future path. Vivek's potential and determination suggest that he will continue to excel and accomplish great things in his chosen endeavors.

As an inspiration to future students, Vivek shared valuable advice for the upcoming batch preparing for Class 10th board exams. Stressing the importance of consistency over mere hard work, he emphasized the need to maintain a steady routine and dedicate time to understanding every aspect of the subjects. Furthermore, he cautioned against the detrimental practice of staying awake all night before exams, highlighting its adverse impact on performance. And he also mentioned that studying 5-6 hours a day is not so necessary in order to achieve good marks, All you need is dedication and Hard work.

Upon receiving his results, Vivek's parents were overwhelmed with joy and pride. His mother's tears of happiness were a testament to the pride she felt in her son's remarkable achievement. Vivek's elder brother Mr. Divyanshu Sanghvi also achieved commendable marks in his board exams, creating a healthy competitive environment within their household, where each member supported and motivated one another.

The Hiranandani Foundation School and its esteemed Principal, Kalyani Patnayak Ma'am, played a significant role in Vivek's success. Their provision of exceptional resources, state-of-the-art facilities, and unwavering support created an ideal learning environment for him to thrive.

Vivek Kothari's outstanding academic performance has brought immense pride to his family, teachers, and the entire Powai community. His extraordinary results in the ICSE 10th board exams serve as a testament to his hard work, determination, and the unwavering support he received. With a bright future ahead, Vivek is set to embark on new horizons, armed with the invaluable lessons he has learned throughout his academic journey.

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