Powai Police Apprehended Mumbai’s Most-Wanted Mobile Snatcher

On Monday, Tausif Khan, a wanted smartphone thief, was caught after one of his victims was able to overcome him with the help of passers-by. The accused 24-year-old was turned over to the Powai police.

Khan was wanted by both the city and the railway police, according to the authorities, 47 instances of mobile theft, robbery, and attempted murder had been filed against him at the time of his arrest.

Anvesh Inamdar, 25, the victim was waiting at the IIT Bombay bus stop in Powai when the event occurred around 9 pm.

As per the FIR registered under Indian Penal Code Sections 392 (robbery) and 353 (assault or criminal force to deter a public servant from discharge of his duty),

When the victim's phone was snatched by Khan. "Inamdar raised an alarm, and passers-by managed to tackle the accused and call the police." Khan fought a constable and attempted to flee as he was being turned over to the police. The policeman suffered a slight hand injury during the altercation, according to a Powai police officer.

The officer added that Khan used to target his victims in crowded locations like bus stops and railway stations.

Since 2008, about 28 cases have been filed against the accused at the Ghatkopar police station, according to the authorities. The officer stated, "This is the second case at Powai police station and the 48th overall against him."

Khan is allegedly a member of a mobile theft syndicate that sells its loot to mobile dealers for a fee between Rs. 2000 and Rs. 7000. The syndicate that purchases the smartphones from the sellers modifies the IMEI numbers before sending them to Bangladesh.

"We are investigating the syndicate he is connected to. For further investigation, Khan has been remanded in detention, according to senior PI Budhan Sawant of the Powai police station.

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