"Powai women celebrate International Women's Day with empowerment program organized by Jyotsna Gangawne"

News Mar 9, 2023

On 8th March, (Shiv Sena's UpvibhagPramukhof Mahila) Jyotsna Gangawne, organized an International Women's Day program at Powai English High School. The program was open to all women in the Powai area and aimed to empower and motivate them.

The program began with a session discussing how to empower women and their various roles in their families and our society. Attendees learned about their responsibilities and how to manage their households while also managing their own lives.

Additionally, the event included a cultural program and games for entertainment and relaxation for the attendees. Jyotsna Gangawneemphasized the importance of women in society and the role they play in shaping our communities.

The Chief Guest of the program was Shirley Uday Kumar, the Principal of Powai English School. Spokesperson of this program wereAnamika Sharma and Anita Sharma. Over 100 women attended the program and had a wonderful time celebrating International Women's Day.

While speaking with Powai News, JyotsnaGangawne, the program organiser, said, "We wanted to create a space for women to come together and celebrate themselves. We hope that women left feeling empowered and motivated to continue to make a difference in their communities."

The program was a success in celebrating the important role of women in our society and encouraging them to continue to pursue their passions and goals. It is a reminder that women should be celebrated and uplifted every day, not just on International Women's Day.