Powai's Women Empowerment Shines Through Remarkable Initiative

Under the dynamic leadership of Mrs. Anushree Bajaj and Mrs. Manju Sharma, the women of Powai showcased their indomitable spirit by visiting The National Association of Disabled Enterprises in Kannur Nagar Vikhroli. Established in 1987, this organization has been providing employment opportunities to disabled individuals and also houses a school dedicated to their education. People from various parts of Mumbai flock to this institution, where they produce high-quality umbrellas under the Netra brand. Remarkably, last year alone, the organization managed to sell an impressive 25,000 umbrellas.

The Netra brand has gained significant popularity, with its products available for purchase on Facebook, Amazon, as well as local markets. In addition to umbrellas, the organization also produces a diverse range of items including candles, divas, cloth bags, and farsan (savouries). The disabled individuals here work diligently from 9 am to 5 pm and are provided breakfast, lunch, and evening tea to ensure their well-being.

The organization's primary objective is to enable disabled individuals to acquire skills that integrate them into mainstream society. Over the years, this noble endeavour has touched the lives of approximately 4,000 to 5,000 individuals, providing them with a means to lead a life of dignity and self-respect.

During today's visit, the visiting women generously distributed materials (crispy snacks), chocolates, mangoes, and biscuits among the 125 workers. Furthermore, they showed their support by purchasing umbrellas worth a staggering amount of 28,000/-

This organization stands as a beacon of hope, tirelessly contributing to society with its noble vision. Empoweringdisabled individuals transforms their lives and nurtures a sense of inclusivity and compassion in the wider community. The commendable work of Mrs. Anushree Bajaj, Mrs. Manju Sharma, Mrs.Deepti Chaudhary, Mrs Mamta Gupta, Mrs.Minakshi Sachadev, Mrs. Sharda Dass, Mrs. Lalita , Mrs.Kalpana, and Mrs. Yasodharaand the women of Powai serves as an inspiration for all, showcasing the immense potential for positive change when individuals come together for a common cause.

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