Private cleaning workers are protesting due to lack of salary: IIT Mumbai

Private cleaning workers at IIT Mumbai have started a protest due to persistent salary issues. Employees of Sigma Company, which holds the cleaning contract for the institute, have become increasingly frustrated as their salaries are consistently delayed and, in some cases, not paid at all, including for the month of May.

The company, responsible for approximately 100 to 150 workers, has developed a pattern of pushing back the salary payment date, leaving the employees in dire straits. Many of these workers rely on their monthly income to cover essential expenses such as rent and their children's school fees. Allegations have been made against Sigma Company for withholding employee salaries.

While speaking with Powai News Protesters mentioned that  the company assured that the salaries would be paid within two days, but the promised deadline has passed without any payment being made. Consequently, the workers have decided to go on strike until their salaries are fully disbursed.

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