Residents Accuse MCGM and Builder Kanakia of Misusing Public Property in Powai

Residents in the vicinity of IIT’s main gate have raised concerns about the destruction of public property by local authorities, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) S ward, and a prominent builder named "Kanakia." The public property, particularly the roads, and street lights has been damaged after the installation of Water pipelines, and streetlights are damaged due to the digging of the road.

The residents questioned the absence of personnel from the electricity department, MCGM, and fire brigade during the work. They further asked who had the authority to infringe on the fundamental rights and Easementary rights of common people. The locals accused the authorities of violating their rights and blamed the Kanakia builder and MCGM for playing with public property.

The residents also expressed concern about the safety of the roads. With the roads in a dark situation due to damaged street lights, accidents are likely to occur, and the builder and MCGM will be held responsible for any mishap that occurs.

The residents highlighted the lack of a proper plan and action taken by the authorities after the work was completed. They called for accountability from the authorities for violating their rights and misusing public property.

While speaking with ‘Powai News’ the former nominated corporator, Srinivas Tripathi said, “I had spoken with the road engineer of the ‘S’ Ward, regarding this water pipeline installation project that has been carried out incorrectly.”Tripathi emphasized that the issue should be resolved promptly and correctly. He also expressed his concern that when the BMC works with private companies, the finishing work is often done carelessly or improperly. This can lead to local residents having to endure the consequences of poorly executed projects.

The situation has left the residents outraged, and they are demanding answers from the authorities. The lack of transparency and accountability from the builder and MCGM has created an unprecedented and pathetic situation for the residents.

The residents have called for immediate action from the authorities to rectify the damage caused to public property. They have also called for a transparent investigation into the matter to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions.

The issue highlights the need for a stronger system to protect public property and the rights of citizens. The authorities need to take proactive measures to prevent such incidents from happening in the future and ensure that public property is not misused for private gains.

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