Road Widening Work at Kailas-Hiranandani to Ease Traffic and Improve Connectivity

A Powai resident,Mukesh Jain on behalf of the residents wrote a letter to MLA Sunil Raut on January 9th, 2023, seeking his assistance in road widening work at Kailas Complex in Hiranandani.

The letter highlighted the major problem of heavy traffic in the area and the inability of people to access basic government facilities, such as ambulances, on time.

Traffic on this stretch in the last few years has doubled the travel time from Hiranandani and Vikhroli to Powai. As a result, many commuters have to travel via the Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR) to Gandhinagar and then via LBS Road to Vikhroli.

In response to the letter, MLA Sunil Raut, along with Senior Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Officers; BMC Deputy Commissioner (zone-6), ‘S’ Ward Commissioner Ajith Aambi, and other officers of the ‘S’ Ward inspected the area. The inspection was attended by prominent local citizens like builder Prashant Sharma and Sub-division Cheif Dharamnath Pant and Shakha Pramukh Sachin Madne and local Citizens.

During the inspection, MLA Sunil Raut gave a hearing to the concerns of the residents and assured them that the necessary measures would be taken to address the traffic problem. He emphasized the importance of providing citizens with basic amenities and ensuring that they do not face any difficulties.

The road widening work at Kailas Complex in Hiranandani is expected to provide relief to the residents, reduce travel time, and ensure easy access to basic facilities. The project is expected to be completed within a stipulated timeframe, and the authorities have assured the residents that all necessary measures will be taken to ensure minimum inconvenience during the construction work.

Speaking with Powai News MLA Sunil Raut said, “After receiving numerous requests from citizens, I have approached the Municipal Corporation with a request to construct a 90-foot road at this stretch at Kaila's complex, which is already part of the development plan. I am concerned to bring a much-needed solution to the community of Powai.”

On 8th Feb, a sunny Wednesday, Sunil, accompanied by the DMC, AMC, municipal officials, and residents, assembled at the affected area to get a firsthand understanding of the problem at hand. A meeting will be held shortly to determine the best course of action and ensure that the construction of this road is carried out with haste, providing the community with the smooth, spacious thoroughfare they deserve."

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