Sandesh College of Law Enhances Learning Experience with Practical Visit to Powai Police Station

Sandesh College of Law organized a practical training visit to Powai Police Station, aimed at enhancing the learning experience of law graduates. The visit was initiated by Dr. Jyoti Malhotra, the principal of the college, along with Adv. Ganesh R. Tiwari, a professor, and Adv. Tejaswee Torne. The objectives of the visit were to gain knowledge about the functions of the police station, the maintenance of public order and tranquility, the power of the police to investigate, and the online process regarding FIRs. Additionally, the visit aimed to provide law graduates with hands-on experience and practical knowledge, thereby maximizing their learning experience.

The visit was hosted by ACP Suryavashi and Sr. PI BudanSawant, along with other officials, including PI Vijay Dalvi, API Sharad Surve, PRO PI Santosh Sawant, and PSI Savita Mane. The presence of esteemed officials such as Mills spl Vishnu Pillai was highly informative and greatly appreciated.

During the visit, the officials provided information on the basics of the police station and its functions. They explained the process of filing an FIR, both through traditional methods and the CCTNS online system. The law graduates were also made aware of the hierarchy of police officials, including the duties performed by police officers, and the importance of case diaries and malkhana.

The visit was highly informative and helped the law graduates gain a better understanding of the workings of the police department. In addition to discussing the process of filing an FIR, the officers also shed light on issues related to violence against women, such as domestic violence, child marriage, dowry harassment, and violence faced by women in public spaces, in order to raise awareness.

The objectives of the visit included understanding the structure of the police station, observing the functioning of the police station, learning about the process of lodging an FIR, and gaining insights into preventing crime, controlling criminal activities, arresting anti-social elements, maintaining law and order, and maintaining peace and tranquility, as well as women protection.

Overall, the practical training visit to Powai Police Station was a great success, as it allowed law graduates to gain valuable knowledge and insights into the workings of the police station. The college officials were appreciated for their efforts in organizing such an informative and engaging visit. The visit was a valuable addition to the curriculum, providing practical experience to supplement the theoretical learning of law graduates.

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