"Social Workers Express Gratitude to Mumbai Police with Holi Celebration at Powai Police Station"

Holi was celebrated at Powai Police Station in the presence of Senior Police Inspector Budhan Sawant and Police Inspector SupriyaPatil.

Anita Sharma( President of Helping Hands Foundation) and Jyotsna Gangawne(ShindeGroup Shiv Sena Upvibhag Pramukh of Mahila)were present there to mark this special occasion of Holi . The occasion was marked by a spirit of gratitude towards the Mumbai police force for their selfless service towards the citizens of Mumbai.

During the celebration, Anita Sharma and jyotsna Gangawne showed their Gratitude towards police officers for their tireless service, no matter what the weather or circumstances.

They acknowledged the immense contribution of the Mumbai police in maintaining law and order in the city and providing a sense of security to its citizens.

The Holi celebration was a special way for the social workers to express their gratitude towards the police officers.

The event was a reminder of the close relationship between the police force and the citizens of Mumbai . It was Great to see the police officers and social workers come together to celebrate a festival, reinforcing the message of unity and goodwill.

The Holi celebration at Powai Police Station was a event that showcased the bond between the police force and the citizens they serve. It was a tribute to the hard work and dedication of the Mumbai police, who serve the city selflessly 24/7.

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