Students of IIT Bombay Built an Economical Eco-Friendly House,

Eco-Friendly House: -The technical team of students from IIT Bombay is the only team to represent India in the Zero Decathlon competition. This competition is also known as the 'Olympics of Sustainable Architecture', which is organized by the US Department of Energy.

The level of pollution in the country has increased a lot in the last few years. In such a situation, new methods are also being invented to reduce pollution. It is most important to use eco-friendly things in these methods. To save the environment, the trend of eco-friendly houses is also increasing in the country. Given this, the students of IIT Bombay have also built an eco-friendly house.

Smart, Sustainable, And Affordable Homes

The team's Project Vivaan, a smart, sustainable, and affordable home, has also been approved for the build phase of the US Solar Decathlon Build Challenge 2023. Which was organized by the US Department of Energy with a prize money of US $ 50000. With Project Vivaan, Team SHUNYA aims to create a smart, sustainable and affordable home. Which is eco-friendly. The special thing about these houses is that they will have net zero carbon and net zero water building. At the same time, this project is currently under construction on the IIT Bombay campus. These houses will have every facility

The most special thing about these houses will be that very little cement has been used during the construction of these houses, cement has been used only for laying the foundation of the house. The wall of the house has been constructed from agro-waste. Along with this, solar panels will also be installed for the use of electricity in these houses. A recycling facility has also been done so that water is not wasted. All the equipment installed in this house will be run through the mobile app. These can also be called smart homes.

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