The ‘Golden Era ‘of Learning with Aurum Academy of Excellence

Aurum Academy of Excellence is the latest venture of the GHP Education Wing.

With a legacy of 25 years in the education industry, the Gopal Sharma Group of Schools has colleges and schools like Chandrabhan Sharma College, Gopal Sharma International School, Gopal Sharma Memorial School, Gopal Sharma Blooming Buds Preschools & Daycare and many more institutes in their paraphernalia.

The company now takes proudly launches  Aurum Academy of Excellence, which resonates with the Latin word  Gold.  Aurum Academy of Excellence has been established with a core vision to provide the skills of learning to people for them to excel in their journey of learning. With the economic boon happening across the globe, everywhere, each person now feels the need to have an edge over others and want to leave a mark wherever they go.

Aurum Academy has a unique Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care a one-year comprehensive course which begins in June 2023. They also offer a three-month Certified course on teacher training. These courses not only enable you to become a teacher but also broadens your pathway for your career as an entrepreneur or an edtech educator, content writer and so much more.

With the New Education Policy, Early Childhood Education will be made available to every child. This means shortly India will need a huge number of skilled and qualified Early Childhood Educators. The courses offered by Aurum Academy is a perfect blend of theory and practical knowledge with Internship in their exclusive preprimary branches in Powai Vihar, Hiranandani and Saki Vihar. Learning about concepts like ‘International Mindness’, ‘Google Classroom’ and a lot more relevant topics needed for modern teaching methods makes this course special.

Aurum Academy also provides placement assistance and an opening to work with the Gopal Sharma Group of School to all the deserving candidates of the program

The Director Mrs. Saudamini Sharma strongly believes in building a society that has strong empowered and confident women. “ Women should be financially independent and learn to live life on their own terms. Belonging to a family that supports education, I wish to see all women of our community thrive and be strong wherever they go”

The Director, Mrs.Saudamini Sharma, is seen in the center.Mrs. Deepa Wadhwa(the Principal)on the right side, Ms.Tasneem Bhavnagarwala(the Curriculum Developer)on the left side.

The Academy also boasts of a strong team of mentors and educators with Mrs. Deepa Wadhwa as Principal and Ms. Tasneem Bhavnagarwala as Curriculum Developer. Both have immense experience and knowledge and have been associated with the education industry for over 20 years.

The academy also offers courses like Phonics, Curriculum planning, Spoken English and Personality development. All courses are certified and assure ample learning

At Aurum Academy of Excellence, they promise you a NEW YOU!!!

The Golden Era of Learning has indeed arrived and that too in your very own Powai.

Call: 9702736823

To learn more about Aurum Academy, visit:

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