A.M. Naik School celebrated its Annual Day on a Grand Level

A visitor entering the portals of AM Naik School, Powai, anytime between 31st January and 17th February, would be excused for wondering if he had perchance stepped into some fantasyland – for if he was seeing beautiful peacocks and majestic trees on one level, he would hear the soothing strains of Buddham Sharanam Gachchami wafting from another level and chanting of ‘Har Har Mahadev’reverberating at annual day time in this Powai’s newest school.

The elementary, primary and secondary schools each pulled out all the stops to ensure that each of the annual days would be magnificent and memorable.

The elementary section was the first to put up its show with a cohort of 576 students. From age 3 to 7, one can only imagine the herculean task undertaken by the teachers. To cater to the wishes of the fond parents of this section, four shows were arranged by the teachers so that each child could get adequate stage time.

The play, aptly named, ‘Aarambh Bindu’ or starting point, had as its theme the devastation caused to other living beings on earth by unbridled deforestation. The parents gazed fondly while monkeys pranced, elephants stomped and birds flew around the stage. Each child, carrying home a dreamcatcher, made by the teachers took home the message that every nightmare – environmental or personal – can turn into a beautiful dream through our actions.

The next show put up by Grades 6-8, titled ‘Art of the Heart’, took the parents all the way to Aurangabad, to the caves of Ajanta and Ellora.

The experience began much before the actual annual day when the students took specially designed innovative invites prepared by the students themselves. The parents must have felt they were literally entering Ajanta and Ellora, surrounded as they were by stunning paintings at the entrance and on the stage, depicting the art of that era.

Put on their mettle with all the accolades that the elementary and the senior section received, the primary section geared up to render a thundering performance of ‘Raje – saga of the Lionheart’- a retelling of the story of Maharashtra’s pride– Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

The parents would surely have been intrigued by the unique invites sent as a scroll, complete with a copy of the Rajmudhra of Shivaji on it.

With rousing music, enthralling dances and riveting performances the students of Grades 3-5 really showed everyone – ‘Hum Kisise Kum Nahin’ The story, narrated through the voice of the Sinhasan and interspersed with traditional Marathi ‘Powada’, though with a Hindi twist, brought goosebumps to many an arm in the auditorium.

To top it all, care was taken to see that each of the three programmes was in keeping with the policies of NEP2020.

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