Municipality Allocates ₹11 Crores to Restore Powai Lake's Beauty

Powai Lake, a beloved icon nestled in the eastern suburbs of Mumbai, is poised for a transformative makeover as the municipality embarks on a comprehensive restoration project. With an allocated budget of ₹11 crores, the municipality endeavors to revitalize the lake, combat waterfowl populations, and address aquatic plant overgrowth, aiming to preserve its natural charm and ecological diversity.

The proliferation of waterfowl has posed a significant challenge to Powai Lake, impacting its aesthetic appeal and disrupting its delicate ecosystem. To tackle this issue head-on, the municipality has formulated a detailed plan encompassing the removal of aquatic plants and waste materials utilizing specialized machinery such as harvester and amphibious machines. The cleanup operation, estimated at ₹1.51 crores, forms a crucial aspect of the restoration initiative.

Powai Lake has long been revered for its scenic beauty and tranquil ambiance, attracting tourists and locals alike. Recent beautification efforts, coupled with enhanced illumination, have further heightened its allure, drawing a steady stream of visitors throughout the year. However, the unchecked growth of aquatic plants necessitates immediate action to preserve the lake's splendor and safeguard its biodiversity.

S.K. Developers, a contracted firm, has been entrusted with the task of removing waterfowl and waste materials from Powai Lake. The contract, valued at ₹11.18 crores inclusive of taxes, underscores the municipality's unwavering commitment to restoring the lake to its former glory. The removal process is slated to be completed within six months, followed by an 18-month maintenance period to ensure the lake's sustained upkeep.

Efforts to combat the proliferation of waterfowl are not novel to Powai Lake, as similar initiatives were undertaken in 2012. However, the resurgence of aquatic plants underscores the need for continued vigilance and proactive measures to maintain the lake's ecological equilibrium. The uncontrolled growth of waterfowl not only obstructs sunlight penetration, hindering the growth of vital aquatic flora, but also deteriorates water quality and fosters mosquito breeding.

In conjunction with the cleanup endeavors, measures are being implemented to mitigate contamination in the lake, including wastewater discharge reduction and drainage system enhancements. These concerted actions underscore the municipality's steadfast commitment to preserving Powai Lake as a natural heritage site, ensuring its enduring allure for future generations.

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