Injured Flapshell Turtle Rescued from Powai Lake, Receives Life-Saving Surgery

Powai, Mumbai: A heartwarming tale of compassion and care unfolded at Powai Lake as a vigilant security guard discovered an injured flapshell turtle struggling on the periphery. The distressed creature had fallen victim to a fishing hook, embedded deep within its oral cavity.

Acting swiftly, the security guard reached out to the animal welfare NGO Resqink, which promptly intervened to aid the injured turtle. With collaborative efforts, the turtle was safely transferred into the capable hands of the forest department, marking the beginning of its journey towards recovery.

Under the expert care of veterinarian Dr. Rina Dev, the turtle underwent a delicate surgery to remove the embedded fishing hook. With precision and dedication, Dr. Dev successfully extracted the hook, alleviating the turtle's suffering and paving the way for its rehabilitation.

Speaking on the noble endeavor, Dr. Dev expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts of all involved parties, emphasizing the importance of timely intervention in cases of wildlife distress.

With the surgery deemed a success, the resilient flapshell turtle is now on the path to recovery under the watchful eye of caregivers. Once fully healed, it will be released back into the serene waters of Powai Lake, where it rightfully belongs.

This heartening rescue serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of wildlife conservation efforts and the impact of human actions on the delicate ecosystems that surround us. As the turtle embarks on its journey towards freedom, it symbolizes the triumph of compassion and collective action in safeguarding our natural heritage.

For more heartwarming stories and updates on wildlife conservation efforts, stay tuned to Powai News.

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