Neglected Durga Devi Sharma Udyan in Powai Raises Concern Among Residents

The dilapidated state of Durga Devi Sharma Udyan in Chaitanya Nagar, Powai, once a bustling recreational spot, has sparked worry among local residents, especially senior citizens and children. Erected by the municipality five years ago amidst much fanfare, the park now languishes in a state of neglect, prompting residents to voice their discontent.

Ramesh Kamble, a concerned local resident, has tirelessly raised the issue of the park's deteriorating condition with municipal authorities. However, Kamble laments that his pleas have fallen on deaf ears, with his complaints seemingly disregarded by the authorities.

Initially, Durga Devi Udyan served as a cherished retreat for families and seniors, offering a serene space for leisurely strolls and children's play. However, in recent years, neglect has taken its toll, transforming the park into a desolate area plagued by illicit activities such as gambling and drug abuse.

Expressing frustration over the municipality's indifference, Kamble underscores the urgent need to revive the park, not only for recreational purposes but also to provide a safe environment for children to play.

In response to mounting concerns, an assistant superintendent from the Garden Department assured, "Our inspectors have conducted thorough inspections of all parks, including Durga Devi Sharma Udyan. Funds have been allocated for the construction of a new park, and the municipal park department will commence work soon, including the installation of play equipment for children."

As the fate of Durga Devi Sharma Udyan hangs in the balance, residents eagerly await concrete actions to restore the park to its former glory and reclaim it as a cherished community space.

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