Powaiite along with Traffic Dept Distributed 2000 Helmets During ‘National Road Safety Week’

A prominent citizen of Powai and founder of DK Flag Foundation, DrRakesh Bakshi, along with the Traffic Senior PI of Sakinaka & Powai, Uttam Suryavanshi, had organized a unique road safety initiative in Powai that aims to promote nationalist values and raise awareness about the importance of wearing helmets for two-wheelers and pillion riders.

As part of the initiative, Dr Bakshi along with senior PI Suryavanshi and their team distributed over 2,000 helmets till January 26, with special emphasis on pillion riders. The helmets were distributed to families and female members first, as the initiative aims to create awareness among pillion riders, who are often seen to be less protected than riders.

Those individuals who were not wearing helmets were explained the importance of wearing helmet and ride safely. Many accident cases have seen helmets falling-off due to straps not fastened. This initiative will help to prevent such accidents due to negligence.

Dr Bakshi and Sr PI Suryavanshi hope that this national initiative will inspire other cities and states in India to adopt similar programs and promote road safety. The initiative is a noble cause that aims to make citizens realize the importance of wearing a helmet properly, and create awareness among pillion riders, who are often seen to be less protected than riders. The initiative is a step towards making the streets of Mumbai safer for everyone.

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