Assistant Police Inspectors in Mumbai promote reading culture in a khaki struggle for the joy of reading

In a world where social media and digital content consume most of the young generation's time, Assistant Police Inspectors Mahesh Guravand Pramila Daundkar-Gurav are fighting the khaki struggle for the joy of reading. The couple from Mumbai is striving to promote the culture of reading and make it a habit among the people around them.

Mahesh Gurav, who hails from Dadpur village of Mohol taluka in Solapur district, has been distributing books in memory of his late mother for the past three years. He believes reading is an excellent way to remember his mother, who died of cancer in 2019. Mahesh, who is an Assistant Police Inspector in the Protection and Security Department of Mumbai Police, is fond of reading and has been trying to instil the same interest in others.

Mahesh's collection of more than 400 books includes genres such as rural stories, novels, religious texts, fine, ideological, biography, and autobiography. His wife, Pramila, who works in the Ministry of Security Department, also shares the same passion for reading. Together, they bring new books, read them, and convince others about their importance through various means.

Mahesh's efforts to promote the culture of reading are not limited to his police colleagues. He also encourages his relatives, friends, and society to read more books. Instead of giving traditional gifts, he gifts books to hosts at religious and family events in the village and encourages others to do the same. His initiative has helped turn many of his colleagues and acquaintances into book lovers.

One of the books that Mahesh recommends is the JnanpithAward-winning book 'Hindu - Jaganni Samrudh Adgal' written by Bhalchandra Nemade. This book deeply moved him and made people aware of its significance on social media. He also presents this book to his friends and family who are regular readers.

Mahesh Gurav's khaki struggle for the joy of reading is a remarkable effort towards building a society that values the importance of reading. His passion for books and his dedication to promoting the reading culture are an inspiration to many. As the saying goes, "If you read, you will read," and with the efforts of people like Mahesh and Pramila, the joy of reading will continue to flourish.

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