VIDYA India Launches Alumni Cell in Mumbai for Community Development

VIDYA India, a well-known non-profit organization that has been working towards community development for the past 37 years, has launched an Alumni Cell in Powai,Mumbai at Powai English School. Over the years, VIDYA India has implemented various education and skill-based programs for children, youth, and women, leading to an increase in the number of beneficiaries across the country to more than 4.5 lakhs.

Recognizing the importance of alumni in their work, VIDYA Mumbai has created an Alumni Cell to cater to the needs of its beneficiaries. The inauguration ceremony, held on Monday, May 8th, 2023, was attended by eminent members of VIDYA and the honourable Chief Guest, Prof. Ravi Gudi, Dean of Alumni and Corporate Affairs at IIT Mumbai.

The ceremony began with the traditional lighting of the lamp by all the key members, followed by an introductory speech by the COO of Vidya Mumbai, Mrs.Priyanka Mathur. She talked about the journey of VIDYA and how the Alumni Cell came into existence. Mrs. Rashmi Misra, the Founder President, welcomed everyone and shared the purpose of the group and how it could be replicated across India. She also talked about how the group could further enhance the talent of its members and impart it to others.

Dr.Nayan Dabholkar, the Vice President of VIDYA Mumbai, talked about the efforts of the team in creating the alumni group and the benefits that beneficiaries can expect from VIDYA. Mrs. Bella Sharma, an Executive Board member, and mentor for the Beyond School initiative, blessed the beneficiaries and encouraged them to excel in life through the VIDYA Alumni group. Mrs. Vasudha Madhavan, another Executive Board member, and mentor for the Women Margam initiative, also blessed the team on this occasion.

The highlight of the program was the testimonies of some of the old beneficiaries, which brought a spark to the eyes of new members of the cell. Our honourable Chief Guest Prof. Ravi Gudi, was overwhelmed by the work done by VIDYA over the years and praised the team and board members for taking a step forward in initiating this initiative. He emphasized the purpose of creating the cell and discussed its significance, both internal and external. He encouraged beneficiaries to start thinking about how they can give back, which would eventually lead to progress for both the organization and their personal growth.

The Vice President and Chief Guest announced the tagline for the Alumni Cell, "CONNECT. ENGAGE. TRANSFORM,"and launched the cell along with its brochure. The concluding note was given by Ms. Deepa Shetiya, Program Head of the Bhavishyaan Initiative.

VIDYA India has left a tremendous mark in the space of community development work, and the Alumni Cell launched by VIDYA Mumbai is a step forward in further enhancing the organization's reach and impact. The Alumni Cell will provide a platform for former beneficiaries to stay connected, engage with each other, and transform their lives and communities.

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